How long have you been taking photographs for?

I first started taking pictures in my final year of school, which would have been 2009 (yikes). I then went onto photography and media studies in college, which was. much more commercial photography based. I began taking an interest in the history of photography, and how mediums have developed through time, which eventually lead me to my interest in documentary photography. It’s not just a job for me - its a hobby. I collect photobooks from my favourite photographers, subscribe to magazines, and take every opportunity I get to visit my favourite exhibitions all over the world. So its been roughly 10 years now - and the beautiful thing about it is that you never stop learning!

I hate having my photograph taken, help?

I feel your pain! I cannot stand having my photograph taken! We all feel awkward and nervous, but I will do my best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. The great thing about documentary-style photography, is that it is meant to be relaxed, and natural! The best things happen when you least expect it, and the best photographs stem from this! Some of my packages include a ‘trial run’ to find out how you interact with the camera, and takes a little bit of pressure off the big day!

i am getting married abroad, is this something you can assist with?

I love travelling - and I will jump at any opportunity to travel for my work! For international enquiries, drop me a message, and we can arrange a Skype or FaceTime call to discuss how I can help you!

I need some photographs for my new business, but i’m a little short on the funds!

Everyone who is self-employed knows how difficult it can be when you first start out. Spend spend spend! That’s why I offer great packages for new businesses to help them with the tools they need to build up a base of photographs, and gain a presence on social media! I can tailor my packages to suit your budget, so drop me a message and we can discuss your needs over a coffee (and maybe even some cake!)

How long will it take post-shoot for me to RECEIVE my images?

This massively depends on the style of shoot, but also the time of year. I am to get photographs to my client as quickly as possible - but please consider that it takes a lot of post-production to get your images perfect. Don’t worry though - I will always keep an open line of contact with you!

Any other questions?

For any other questions (no matter how small) feel free to get in touch! I aim to respond to all my messages daily.